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    The weather and tides of the Southwest Washington Coast are predictable to a point.  Since clams like to hide in the sand, they usually frequent areas that are covered by ocean waves except during periods of "minus" tides.  Our link to Tide Tables corrected for the mouth of the Columbia River at Astoria, Oregon  will help you to determine the best time for planning your clamming trip.  Weather forecasts from The Weather Channel, or Accuweather , or the Weather Underground will make your trip easier to plan. A visual link to the Clam Cam will let you see what the weather is doing right now on one of the Long Beach beach approaches.
     If you already know the weather, but have never visited the wonderful coastline of Southwest Washington, then our links to Driving Maps from Portland, or the Driving Maps from Seattle will help you get here.  Plan your trip and enjoy your stay in our beautiful Pacific Northwest.

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